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YouTube to Offer Streaming Pixar Movies

YouTube logoGoogle announced this morning that Walt Disney Studios has joined up with YouTube to provide many of its movies for streaming rentals. Universal, Warner Brothers and Sony have already entered into similar deals with YouTube. Pixar's films will, of course, also be licensed for streaming as part of the deal. YouTube movie rentals vary in price from free to $3.99 with many quality rentals available in high definition for only $.99.

Small Fry Behind the Scenes

A few new interesting tidbits have surfaced about the latest Pixar short, Small Fry. Two new images have been released, and an interview with Angus MacLane, Small Fry director, was published by collider.com. MacLane confirms that Small Fry is not the last of the Toy Story Toons series, and discusses the decision to put it before The Muppets.

Catch Small Fry tomorrow in theaters as it debuts before The Muppets.

Cars 2 For Your Consideration Ads

A couple stunning Cars 2 "for your consideration" ads sprang up over the weekend from Disney. These ads are placed in publications meant for members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the organization that decides the outcome of the Oscars.

Click to enlarge:

Pixar Cars 2 For Your Consideration Ad Pixar Cars 2 For Your Consideration Ad