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Utah UP House Bought by California Fans

UP replica house in Herriman, UtahThe Salt Lake Tribune reports that the UP replica house built in Herriman, Utah has been purchased by devout Pixar fans from California. Clinton and Lynette Hamblin were wanting to relocate their family to Utah anyway, and saw this as the perfect opportunity. When Lynette saw the retro sky-blue appliances in the kitchen, she was sold. The $400,000 price tag seemed like a steal compared to similar buys in California.

For Pixar fans who have yet to visit the UP house, it is still open to the public through December during daytime hours. And for those concerned with the integrity of the Pixar charm, the Hamblins have publicized their intent to keep it as is, with addition of their own furniture and Disney themed glass works collection.

It's comforting to know it will be left in good hands. Having had the chance to see it myself, I can attest to the care Bangerter Homes took to preserve the Pixar magic. They even hired actors to play Karl and Russell during the Salt Lake Parade of Homes, and handed out Grape Soda badges and balloons to visitors. The builder was also not hesitant to add that they are open to making the UP house plans available to more buyers, so your dreams of owning your own UP house are not lost forever.

Pixar Supports CAAF Benefit Gallery

Children Affected by AIDS Foundation LogoPixar has joined forces with Disney and Mattel to throw an art exhibit fundraiser for the Children Affected by AIDS Foundation (CAAF). The exhibit is open to the public December 2nd and 3rd from noon to 7pm at the R&W Creative Group location in Venice, California.

Approximately 65 works of art from the artists, along with 35 or so student pieces from Hawthorne's Washington Elementary will be up for auction or purchase as the main attraction at the event.

From their website: "CAAF is an organization devoted to providing social, educational, recreation and other critical support programs to vulnerable children impacted by HIV and affected by AIDS."

Canadian Oil Company Swipes Pixar Brand

When I first saw the news this morning, I believed it to be a mistake, and decided to wait for more credible information before spreading the rumor. Well, it's true.

A controversial energy company, Paramount Resources, Ltd. of Calgary, Canada announced today a rebranding of one of its divisions to "Pixar Petroleum Corp." With the uniqueness of the name, and the world-renowned status of Pixar Animation Studios, it is difficult to believe this to be merely a coincidence. There is almost certainly some strategy behind the rebranding — perhaps an attempt to revamp its image with a subconscious tie to the world's most popular and successful animation company, which after 12 films has yet to release a total flop.

Also notable is the name of the parent company, Paramount, which is also shared with a well-known film studio, albeit somewhat less unique.