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Canadian Oil Company Swipes Pixar Brand

When I first saw the news this morning, I believed it to be a mistake, and decided to wait for more credible information before spreading the rumor. Well, it's true.

A controversial energy company, Paramount Resources, Ltd. of Calgary, Canada announced today a rebranding of one of its divisions to "Pixar Petroleum Corp." With the uniqueness of the name, and the world-renowned status of Pixar Animation Studios, it is difficult to believe this to be merely a coincidence. There is almost certainly some strategy behind the rebranding — perhaps an attempt to revamp its image with a subconscious tie to the world's most popular and successful animation company, which after 12 films has yet to release a total flop.

Also notable is the name of the parent company, Paramount, which is also shared with a well-known film studio, albeit somewhat less unique.

Buzz Lightyear Makes 4th Appearance in Thanksgiving Parade

Buzz Lightyear Thanksgiving BalloonIn tomorrow's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Buzz Lightyear will again be reprising his appearance, as a giant helium-filled balloon, as he has done every year since his original debut, four years ago, in 2008.

Buzz Lightyear joins a prestigious list of other iconic figures that have been made into balloons for the parade, beginning with Felix the Cat in 1927. Mr. Potato Head also made an appearance in the 2005 parade.