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10 Years, 190 Pixarians Still at Work

With production of Monsters University in full swing, and yesterday's 10 year Monsters, Inc. anniversary, Pixar animator Cat Hicks (@cathicks) tweeted: "190 people that worked on Monsters Inc still work at Pixar... and 50 of them are working on Monsters U!"

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That's a pretty impressive retention rate compared to other companies, especially with the persistent trend of younger workers bouncing more frequently from company to company. It speaks volumes for Pixar's appealing environment (though she did complain a couple days before about her low salary).

This should also be welcome news to Monsters, Inc. fans. With so many Monsters veterans working on the new film, continuity should come naturally. Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, cited this as an important factor in the success of the Toy Story trilogy.

The 12 Greatest Pixar Moments

Entertainment Weekly unveiled a list of their top dozen favorite Pixar moments. With 12 Pixar movies, you might expect one from each film, but A Bug's Life and both Cars films get left out in the cold while Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles and Toy Story 3 each score double honors. Do you agree or disagree? Which great Pixar moments were left out?

Blu-ray Mega Whammy Today

Cars 2 11 Disc Blu-Ray SetThe Blu-ray floodgates have opened with the release, or re-release of 5 of Pixar's feature films today.

Most exciting is undoubtedly the release of Cars 2 for the first time on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD. But it is also available in the whopping 11-disc set that comes with Cars 2, Cars and Cars Toons with plenty of extras. Having seen all of Pixar's 3D releases, I can recommend Cars 2 as Pixar's most striking 3D film to date.

Also available today is the long-awaited 3D release of all three Toy Story films.