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The Good Dinosaur Available on Home Video February 23rd

The Good Dinosaur will make its way into your hands on February 23rd of this year! Just a few short weeks away. A couple of different combo packs are available for pre-order on Amazon: the Blu-ray combo, and the 3D Blu-ray combo. Each comes with a DVD and digital copy. Digital copies will also likely be available a couple weeks early on iTunes.

For a taste of what to expect on the 23rd, here's an early look at one of the bonus features:

The Good Dinosaur has been overshadowed to some degree by the smash hit Pixar also released this year, Inside Out, which recently took home the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature and has two Oscar nominations. But The Good Dinosaur is full of Pixar-signature heart and wit. The aspects of the film I was probably most enamored by were its technical achievements. The set was convincingly real, beautifully rendered. And the character animation was phenomenal. To take cartoony characters designed after animals no human has ever seen and drop them in a realistic world is a challenge. It was the details that made that discord work, like the convincing jiggle of fat stores on the larger, slower animals, the muscle contractions in the athletic ones and even the way they breathe throughout.