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Poll Results: Pixar's Best Stereoscopic 3D Film

This poll was an interesting one to watch. Brave started with an early, and strong lead. But as time went on, the lead diminished and Finding Nemo rose to the top. I reckon Brave's early lead had something to do with its newness and successful awards season. But I have to agree whole-heartedly with the final results. Finding Nemo is absolutely stunning in 3D. The underwater environment is perfectly suited for 3D. We waited for a long time to get that one on blu-ray, likely because they decided to re-render it for 3D. But it was well worth it!

I am a bit surprised to see that Cars 2 wasn't better represented in the poll. While it is Pixar's worst-received film to date, I thought the 3D was very well done in that still pleasing-to-they-eye film.