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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is a Huge Mistake as Companion for the Marvelous Coco

Pixar shorts are a long-standing tradition that never fail to enhance the experience for me. Nobody does it better than Pixar and they’re always clever, succinct and heartfelt. Months ago, I was irritated at the first announcement that a Frozen-themed short would accompany Pixar’s Coco in theaters. Since that announcement, I’d compelled myself to Let It Go and moved to a state of neutrality on the subject.

Now, after having seen it, I’m just mad about it. Twenty-plus minutes. That’s the first thing you need to know. My 2½ year old nephew’s attention span is already at its limit with a feature length film, and to tack an entire TV episode’s worth of not-so-short film onto that had even the most patient among us curling our toes.

Next, it contained four entire mediocre musical numbers. Not only were they forgettable, but they were also choreographed like over-acted broadway numbers and not in a way that made them compelling on screen.

Lastly, it was an unengaging story that could actually have been told in 4 minutes. It drug on and on. And it lacked meaning to boot. Anna and Elsa have planned a Christmas party for the kingdom, but are upset when nobody comes because they are spending time with their families instead. Olaf goes on an entirely futile quest to find them a tradition, while the sisters solve it on their own with a quick visit to the attic. And the final supposedly happy moment of the short arrives when we’ve drug the villagers out of their homes anyway, away from their family traditions to a different impromptu Christmas party.

This belongs on the Disney Channel, or as bonus material on the Frozen 2 DVD — NOT paired with one of Pixar’s most beautiful and meaningful films to date. It’s like ordering a filet mignon and being force-fed a soggy hot dog bun as a pre-requisite. I’m here for the Pixar movie. The shorts are supposed to warm up the crowd, not leave them agitated. I haven’t spoken to a single person who has said it didn’t detract from their experience, and there is an overwhelmingly negative consensus on Twitter.

Disney and Pixar need to jointly reach a decision to pull the short — as theaters all over Mexico did — before it’s too late.