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Monsters University Now Enrolling Online

Monsters University now has an online presence. The faux academic website of the school where Mike and Sulley attend when the movie is released next summer, is a very thorough viral marketing piece.

Monsters University Website

The site is a pretty convincing facsimile of a real university website complete with campus information, research articles, admission instructions, and a university apparel store where you can order actual Monsters University gear complete with options for multiple collars and multiple sleeves.

Also interesting is the peek the site gives into more of the imagery of the movie. With over a decade of technological improvements to the animation process since Monsters, Inc., there is a significant improvement to the believability of the characters in their environment, while remaining loyal to the aesthetic of the original film.

The Monsters season is now ramping up with Monsters, Inc. set for re-release in 3D on December 19th, and Monsters University coming next summer on June 21st.