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Brave NFL Draft Promo Too Edgy for Pixar?

Disney/Pixar has taken an interesting spin on their Brave promos:

While the spot itself focuses on a broad assortment of humor in the film, one gag in particular is getting all the attention, and has stirred up quite a discussion — particularly the clip where one of the bear triplets gets flung into a woman's chest. A similar discussion churned for a while about Lord Dingwall's kilt-lifting gag when the first Brave trailer appeared. Sure, we got our share of potty humor in Toy Story 3, but this does seem a bit edgy for the family-friendly studio who famously disallowed Brad Bird from portraying Edna Mode in The Incredibles as a smoker.

What are your thoughts? Is this outside the scope of Pixar's typically high moral standard, or is it no big deal?