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Annie Awards Streaming Live Saturday

Annie Award StatueThe Annie Awards, one of the few major awards shows dedicated only to animation, will stream live on their website this Saturday night. The ceremony will stream from the UCLA Royce Hall at 7pm Pacific Time.

Last year, Pixar refused to participate in the Annies, calling for change in the leadership and voting procedures from the International Animated Film Society (though Toy Story 3 was still granted 3 nominations). Corruption was suspected, as DreamWorks affiliates are heavy supporters of the Annies. For two consecutive years, the DreamWorks nominee took home 10 awards, while the Pixar film took home none, but the Pixar film always went on to win Best Animated Picture at the Oscars. There have since been significant changes to Annie award voting procedures and the president was replaced. Pixar ended its boycott and is again officially participating in the awards.

This year, Pixar films are nominated for a total of 8 awards.