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10 Years, 190 Pixarians Still at Work

With production of Monsters University in full swing, and yesterday's 10 year Monsters, Inc. anniversary, Pixar animator Cat Hicks (@cathicks) tweeted: "190 people that worked on Monsters Inc still work at Pixar... and 50 of them are working on Monsters U!"

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That's a pretty impressive retention rate compared to other companies, especially with the persistent trend of younger workers bouncing more frequently from company to company. It speaks volumes for Pixar's appealing environment (though she did complain a couple days before about her low salary).

This should also be welcome news to Monsters, Inc. fans. With so many Monsters veterans working on the new film, continuity should come naturally. Lee Unkrich, director of Toy Story 3, cited this as an important factor in the success of the Toy Story trilogy.