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More Interesting Insights into La Luna

Pixar La Luna boyThe Los Angeles Times milked a few more details out of La Luna writer/director, Enrico Casarosa. The article discusses some of the early decision making for the film, the pacing of the short, and more background on the story. It will be Pixar's longest short film to date at around 7 minutes. It also offers some enlightenment on dialog decisions in the short:

The film has no dialogue in English, nor in Italian. Words exchanged between the characters are in gibberish, which wasn’t easy to make work. Lasseter thought the gibberish was annoying when Casarosa and his editor contributed their own voices for a temp track.

LA Times

Once they tried some actors experienced with gibberish that more closely matched the feel of the characters, they decided to keep the gibberish script.

La Luna is competing against 9 other short films for the Best Animated Short Oscar next month and will be released with Bravenext June.