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Mixed Reactions to New Brave Trailer

Online reactions to the new Brave trailer, released yesterday, have been mixed. This is typically always the case, but there have been some trending opinions, some of which I agree with, that merit some discussion.

There does seem to be universal positive consensus on the aesthetic beauty and quality animation of the trailer. Many have commented that the trailer has totally changed their perception of what the film was going to be like — for better or worse. The two most frequently recurring comments regard the overly "DreamWorks feel" to the trailer, and disappointment in some of the crude humor in the trailer, particularly surrounding the moment when Lord Dingwall lifts his kilt to the crowd behind him.

It's not uncommon for Pixar trailers to instill some doubt. Two minutes can hardly do justice to the heart and emotion of Pixar films.

How do you feel about the new trailer? Did it improve or diminish your excitement for Brave?