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Atlanta Braves Upset About Pixar Film

First on the offensive, now on the defensive, Disney/Pixar is now embroiled in yet another trademark spat, but this time it's about Pixar's Brave, their next film set for release next summer.

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The Atlanta Braves, Georgia's popular major league baseball team, has taken issue with the naming of Pixar's upcoming movie.

Although trademarks are specific to their singular and plural forms and the Braves do not possess any trademarks for the word BRAVE (only BRAVES), the organization believes that damages will occur as a result of Disney's trademarks being approved as they have used the singular form before on merchandise.

Stitch Kingdom

How a Pixar film would damage the reputation of a baseball team, I'll never know. But as mentioned in my article about Pixar's dispute with Pixar Petroleum, trademarks are only enforcable within a reasonable stretch of the original tradmark holder's field. So I suspect nothing much will come of this spat between a major league baseball team and an animated film about a Scottish archer princess.